Fueling for performance is a challenge for even the most experienced traveler or professional road tripper, just ask our friend Chris Burkard. After all, his appetite for Haribo gummies is known the world round. While those delicious sugar-filled morsels of gummy goodness can relieve hangry pangs in a pinch, they’re unfortunately not the best source of vitamins and nutrients your body craves to stay fit and focused on-the-go.

To help make things easy, we’ve sought the advice of Registered Dietitians Lyssie Lakatos and Tammy Lakatos Shames, better known as The Nutrition Twins, to provide a helpful list of their favorite go-to road trip snacks.

“These quick, easy and super portable snacks not only taste great, but they’re easy to share, deliver lasting energy and keep you feeling satiated for the long haul ahead,” said Lyssie.

“These recipes and ideas aren’t ground breaking by any means, but more importantly, they’re easy to prep in advance so you can avoid pit stops and the temptation of unhealthy fast food,” adds Tammy. “Whole food ingredients and minimally processed all natural snacks are the optimal sources of fuel for your body.” Check out some of their helpful recipes and snack ideas, after all failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

1. Paleo Key Lime Pie Energy Balls

2. Hemp Granola

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3. Crispy Garlic Bread Chickpeas


4. Watermelon, Feta, Blueberry Sticks with Mint


5. Honey Carrots


6. Natural Trail Mix


7. Apple Cookies

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8. Old Fashioned Banana Sandwich


9. Honey Dijon Turkey Jerky … obviously.


10. Paleo Friendly Frontier Bars

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