September 17, 2020 | Press


6 Healthy Snacks To Help You Through COVID Times

Stuck at home… still? The glamor of cooking elaborate meals worn thin? Children, once again, not in school? Welcome to the COVID reality. According to experts, snacking has evolved since the pandemic first struck earlier this year. It has gone from a convenient and comforting experience to a more health-conscious one. Here are just a few snacks that are better for you and the planet, to help you make it through these challenging times.

image of Eugene Kang co-founder of Country Archer Provisions forbes

3.  Country Archer Provisions

Country Archer Provisions. is the number one meat snack and jerky brand in the natural and specialty channels. Their snacks are made from 100% grass-fed beef, antibiotic-free turkey and pork, and high-quality, authentic, clean ingredients free of preservatives, nitrites, MSG, gluten, antibiotics and added hormones. In addition, Country Archer works to reduce their carbon footprint, from transportation to sourcing and packaging.

Eugene Kang is the CEO and cofounder of Country Archer. He discovered hand-crafted jerky at the age of 22 on a road trip with his current business partner, and immediately hustled to secure funding.

COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of Country Archer’s business, Kang says. Sales on Amazon peaked as high as +375% versus February daily sales. While eager to keep up with increased demand, the company also was committed to protecting employee safety. Immediately, they implemented rigorous protocols, increased PPE for staff on the production line and increasing paid sick leave. They now keep only minimal, essential staff on site to limit exposure and have put strict social distancing measures in place. In addition, Country Archer has increased pay for staff on-site.

“As a result of these steps, we were able to move to 24/7 production to keep up with the demand,” says Kang. “Even members of our executive team, including myself, have taken shifts on the production line to lend a hand. Additionally, we’ve supported our suppliers and partners in the supply chain by providing trucks to deliver essential goods to supermarkets across the U.S.”

Country Archer has donated to The American Red Cross to help support those affected by the pandemic. In addition, they have provided 500 pounds of product to the Los Angeles Unified School District for “grab and go” sites for the nearly 80% of local children who rely on school meals, and to San Bernardino Community College, which is helping to feed food insecure students and homeless individuals in the local community. The field sales team has made personal deliveries to healthcare workers and first responders on the frontline.

While Kang doesn’t come from a formal business background, he says that entrepreneurship “trickled down” from his immigrant parents, who owned a chain of convenience stores throughout Southern California. “I grew up working in their stores and stocking the shelves,” says Kang. “I was able to see what it took to open something going from the ground up. I also gained great customer service experience.”

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