January 16, 2018 | Blog: The Range


Highlining over a 450 foot canyon might be an “extreme hobby” to some, but to the ones who’ve been sucked in by the unique feeling of freedom and allure of channeled adrenaline, it’s more of a life necessity than anything else.

Like Professional Slackliner Michelle Griffith (pictured below), Slacklining at it’s most basic level is an escape from the monotonous day to day routines that can sometimes get you in a rut and keep you in the ever dangerous “comfort zone”. Need to shake things up a bit? Try walking the tight rope over any type of terrain and you’ll understand why the challenge can become borderline addicting. If you’re looking to re-ignite your inner fire, this just might be your next big adventure.



Now we aren’t saying that the only way to light the fire is by dangling over a vast desert canyon, we’re simply suggesting that opening yourself up to the challenge by stepping outside of your comfort zone is a worthy attempt.

Open yourself up to experience what it’s like to put it all on the line. It’s these small challenges that teach us lessons which will resonate far beyond the tight rope. In the moments spent learning, failing and pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zones, we confront the habits, thought patterns and mental attitudes that are limiting us in our daily lives. Do you quit easily? Do you force things? Do you listen to others well? By putting yourself at the mercy of a teacher in an environment that feels critical, you might just experience the breakthrough you’ve been craving.

But how do you start? Approach someone and ask them to share their time and teach you the fundamentals, it might pan out smoother than you imagined. All you have to do is ask! A little curiosity and willingness to step outside your comfort zone are the only things you need to get the ball rolling. Obviously there are other smart ways to pursue this, but having a reliable professional to set things up, educate you on the required equipment, walk you through the basics and to encourage you along the way will allow you to fully immerse yourself in this unique opportunity.



Be ready to take the leap and spend your time in a new environment. It’s time to freshen up that routine. Even if this hobby isn’t going to be a keeper, the exposure alone can help you overcome thresholds and push your personal boundaries.



Best case scenario: Tying this new endeavor might open a door to an entire new lifestyle (and community) you love and never knew existed. There’s no harm in asking to learn new things from others, especially if the results end up refreshing your lifestyle. Just don’t forget to pay it forward one day!



All images and content courtesy of Jo Savage.

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