Dani Horan Jenny
March 11, 2019 | Blog: The Range

Spotlight: Dani Horan Jenny

Blog Interview Series – Spotlight: Dani Horan Jenny

Almost ten years ago, Dani Horan Jenny ventured into uncharted territory and never looked back. A competitive equestrian jumper, she was looking to reinvent her workout routine. Making the jump into the world of CrossFit was new and different, but it transformed her life. With persistent training, she went on to participate in multiple CrossFit Games and now coaches at the Vermont gym where she started. Read on to see how determination, belief, hard work, and a little Turkey Jerky helped Dani with her wellness adventure.  

crossfit athlete Dani Horan Jenny eating a Country Archer beefstick with her dogs

Fitspo can come from anywhere, even your dentist’s office.

How’d you get started or what’s a little bit about your wellness journey?

My dentist introduced me to CrossFit in 2010! I went to a local gym (Champlain Valley CrossFit, this is where I still train!) and was a little intimidated at first. Prior to CrossFit I was a competitive equestrian, but I had no "sports" experience. Everyone was really nice and the intimidation went away. CrossFit completely changed my life. It made me a better person in every aspect of my life.

crossfit athlete Dani Horan Jenny getting ready to compete

Dani starts her day with reggae and amps it up from there.

Morning song or pump up song?

In the morning I usually listen to reggae, but when I train I'll listen to anything upbeat. I do a lot of endurance work, when I do endurance I enjoy listening to dance/techno.

What keeps you motivated?

The desire to get better and be a better individual.

After a good workout, you’ll find me…

Eating, sleeping or outside with my dogs.  

Favorite CrossFit move or exercise?

I love to run. It's my biggest area that needs improvement, and it's really hard for me, but I love it.   

crossfit athlete Dani Horan Jenny eating a Country Archer beefstick with her dogs in the snow

Athletes love food like the rest of us.

Cheat Meal?

A good burger and fries.

Country Archer product you love?

Do I have to pick just one?!! Turkey Jerky Honey Chipotle!!

someone eating a bag of Country Archer honey chipotle turkey jerky outside

When entering a new routine like Dani, paying attention to diet will help you achieve your fitness goals. A high endurance workout such as CrossFit relies on nutrient-rich fuel. Paleo is a great way to keep the body going strong, but when it comes to snacks sometimes finding a decent option can be as hard as completing a Burpee Mile. Lucky for you, we’ve made it easy with our high-protein jerky. Try Dani’s favorite, the Honey Chipotle Turkey Jerky. It’s deliciously sweet and spicy, but without the preservatives or antibiotics that can sabotage your paleo goals. Don’t worry though - in real life, you don’t have to pick just one.

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