Ghost the Sugar This Halloween
October 27, 2020 | Blog: The Range

Ghost the Sugar This Halloween

Sugar, ya there? We see you typing, and then poof. Look, we’re not saying that Halloween needs to be all raisins and dental floss, we get it. BUT, you can ghost the sugar for good without being a fun-sucking vampire about it.

How? Meet (or meat) your new favorite snack that’s all treats, and no tricks: Country Archer Zero Sugar Beef Jerky.

In fact, we’re pretty sure you will be screaming (in a good way!) over these healthy Halloween snacks!

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Step over, PSL. Buttery, salty roasted pumpkin seeds are another way to get your pumpkin fix. You’re probably carving a pumpkin anyway — you might as well get a snack out of it too!

Bell Pepper Jack-o-Lanterns

Image via Everyday Jenny

Image via Everyday Jenny

It’s easy to carve jack-o-lantern faces into bell peppers, and from there, the filling possibilities are endless. Grass-fed taco meat, black beans, and cheese make for a classic stuffed bell pepper meal. Guac, hummus, and homemade bean dip would make them perfect for dipping veggies. Whatever you choose, it will look delightfully creepy oozing out of the jack-o-lantern face. 

Skeleton Snack Tray

This skeleton snack tray from Cutefetti is a fun, spooky take on veggie/charcuterie boards. Use avocado and olives for the skull, bell pepper slices for the ribs, cucumber slices for the spine, cheese for fingers, and our 100% grass-fed beef sticks for the arms and bottom of the tray. To keep this Halloween snack sugar-free, go for the original, rosemary, or Zero Sugar flavors.  

And since we’re already talking about ourselves, we’ll mention that our individually packaged mini beef sticks make a great candy alternative for your at-home trick or treating.  And no, they won’t be a major buzzkill — we promise. Our pineapple mini beef sticks are a kid favorite with just the right amount of sweetness.

Banana Ghosts

This sweet treat is devilishly good and as easy it gets. Cut bananas in half widthwise and dip them in melted dark chocolate (use at least 72% cacao to keep it low sugar!). Then roll them in unsweetened coconut shreds to create a ghostly treat. Wanna get extra crafty? Press in three dark chocolate chips to create two eyes and a mouth. A snack so tasty, it’ll have you saying, “This ish is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s,” (sorry, we had to) and make you wonder why you didn’t try it sooner.

Floating Eye Potion

Sure, you probably have a green smoothie a few times a week, but have you ever had a floating eye potion smoothie? Didn’t think so. Add some boba pearls (you can find them at most major grocery stores these days) to your morning drink or post-workout shake to make it Halloween-inspired. Thin out your favorite smoothie recipe using extra unsweetened almond milk, and then serve it up in a clear glass so you can get the full effect of the boba “eyes” floating within. Eek!

Monster Avocado Toast

Smashed avocado turns regular ol’ boring toast into Frankenstein’s creepy monster creation. But don’t stop there! Add olives on top of sliced boiled egg whites to create eyes and a bell pepper slice for a friendly smile — or turn it upside down for a ghoulish frown (you do however you’re feeling that day). Fashion some nori sheets into hair, then use olive slices as stitches to finish it off!

Even if you do end up with a mouthful of candy on Halloween, the entire day doesn’t have to be one big sugar rush to be fun. These healthy snack ideas will have you and your family feeling spooky, festive, and well-fueled for Halloween night. 

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