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Ojai, California is one of those places that locals love, regional citizens occasionally visit and tourists most often skip over in favor of bigger ticket attractions in the surrounding area, namely Santa Barbara, Malibu or Los Angeles if they’re “in the neighborhood”. But for those who’ve been or know a little bit about the local vibe, it’s one of those sacred places to escape the modern day rat race and partake in some good old fashioned Americana adventures. But what does that even mean? “Good old fashioned Americana adventures”? Well before cell phones, Instagram and checking your Twitter timeline for the latest political scandal, people actually went outside and found creative ways to enjoy each other’s company. If you’re reading this, you probably know what we’re talking about… because you’re a doer. Nevertheless, it’s always good to remind ourselves that plenty of places still exist where the pace slows and good old fashion fun is only an idea away.

So without further ado, here are 10 reasons why you should visit Ojai, California.

1.The return of the skate luge.

Turn back the clock and re-connect with your ten year old self. In Ojai, there’s always a quiet street with little to no traffic with a little incline to get wild on. Grab a board and get your luge on. Just don’t forget the hydrogen peroxide and band aid kit.


2. The perfect place to wander.

With fertile fields and an abundance of open space, Ojai is a perfect place to pullover, park and get lost in the shade. Read a book, take some photos or simply nap away the day.


3. Yellow hills to heal your heart.

If you’re lucky enough to catch the fields in full bloom, Ojai’s hills are completely picturesque. Pack a picnic with your favorite friend and enjoy the views.


4. Lake Casitas.

With facilities equipped for camping, boating and splashing your heart out, Lake Casitas is the perfect place for some family fun.


5. Bikes & boardies.

This one is self explanatory, especially in the summer. With such favorable temperatures during the summer months and open spaces perfect for donuts and afternoon runs in abundance, gathering the squad, loading up the bikes while living in your boardies is all within the realm of possibility.


6. Waterfalls!

Los Padres National Forest is a hidden gem that is home to Rose Valley Falls, a semi-well known spot for a day on the trail hiking in search of waterfalls. While the size of the waterfall varies depending on the seasonal rainfall, if you time it right, you’re in for a treat.


7. Dog friendly fun.

Plain and simple, Ojai is a dog’s dream.


All images and content courtesy of Jo Savage.

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