Top High Protein Diets Compared For Weight Loss in 2023
January 09, 2023 | Blog: The Range

Top High Protein Diets Compared For Weight Loss in 2023

Did you know that a high protein diet could be what helps you achieve your 2023 new year resolution diet?

Protein is an essential “ingredient” for weight loss because it helps you feel full easier and longer, giving you the diet-fueled willpower to resist snacking. Another reason to trust protein for weight loss is that it’s responsible for helping with muscle development, allowing you to work out and tone up easier. Lastly, your body will use protein to help speed up your metabolism, rather than carbs or fat, which helps spur your weight loss even more.

To help you harness the power of protein, we’ve put together the top weight loss diets in 2023 that prioritize protein and its amazing natural power for your body. Let’s take a look!

The top 6 high protein diets to hit your 2023 new year weight loss resolution:

  1. The Paleo Diet
  2. The High-Protein Ketogenic Diet
  3. The Carnivore Diet
  4. The Atkins Diet
  5. The Stillman Diet
  6. The Zone Diet


The Paleo Diet

This is the perfect diet for those that like to pick instead of having large classic meals. This diet focuses on all areas of the food chart, including fruits and vegetables, nuts, and seeds. This is one of the best diets for those who want to keep it as natural as they can.


The main benefit of this diet is that it satisfies your cravings while still being a low-fat diet and helps you avoid processed foods of all kinds while skipping calorie counting! This is one of the most popular diets for these main reasons. 


Make sure you consider supplementing calcium, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B, as these can be hard to get enough of in a classic paleo diet! You’ll find this easiest through a pill, since it helps you avoid adding too much food to the diet that isn’t on the normal menu.

The High-Protein Ketogenic Diet

This high-protein variation is a wonderful match for those who have found success with the keto diet. You can enjoy 30% protein instead of 20%, which will give you that little extra bump of energy you may have found lacking in traditional keto diets. 


This will help you achieve your weight loss goals like a traditional keto diet. However, the main thing to consider with this particular diet is that the increase in protein can make it harder to get into ketosis -- at first. If you are coming into this diet straight from a classic keto diet, give your body time to adjust!

 High protein carnivore diet for weight loss 2023

The Carnivore Diet

This interesting diet is a great choice for those that just love meat. Sure to be one of the top weight loss diets in 2023 because it eliminates plant foods and focuses on meat, fish, and eggs, this is a meat lover's dream diet.


This particular diet is an excellent match for those who want to lose weight while eating protein-based meats. There is still room for other types of foods, of course, but it does emphasize the carnivore in you -- which is where it gets its name!


This is a great match for those who want to prioritize strength daily. However, be aware that it can lead to a weight increase at first as your body adjusts to the sudden increase in protein!

 High Protein Atkins Diet for Weight Loss 2023

The Atkins Diet

This diet focuses mostly on restricting starchy proteins such as potatoes.  It also steers clear from alcohol, fruit, and even milk. This diet works for so many because it focuses mostly on restricting high carbs yet is very open to eating fat and protein. This is a good match for those who really want to focus on avoiding carbs yet still enjoy a decent amount of fat along with protein.


This popular diet type has been around for many years and, throughout that time, has earned a bit of concern regarding cardiovascular health. Since it increases saturated fat content in the diet, some feel that it’s not a good choice for those with cardiovascular health concerns. Generally, you can still do the Atkins diet -- you just need to consult with a doctor before and during it to monitor your heart health throughout. You’ll also need to find a calcium alternative to milk to keep your bone density strong!


The Stillman Diet

If you want a high-protein diet that won’t disappoint, this is definitely a diet to consider. It relies on a 64% protein level and a 33% fat level. The carb amount is very low at just 3%. One of the most interesting details about this diet is that the protein is almost all lean protein, offering a maximum reward for its protein content. For example, eggs, fish, turkey, and low-fat cheese. You should avoid oils and pasta on this diet.


This diet is offered and recommended in two stages to minimize side effects and fail to commit to the whole thing because it’s “too hard” at first. The first stage focuses on restricted access to carbs, whereas the second stage reintroduces them with healthy options.


The main factor with this diet is that it’s only recommended for a short period. Adopting it too long can lead to overall weakness. However, that’s great for those that like a “sprint” approach to dieting!

 high protein the zone diet for weight loss 2023

The Zone Diet

This protein for weight loss diet is unique in that you can choose whatever kind of protein you want. It’s a great choice for those who are particular eaters. It emphasizes 40% carbohydrates with 30% each of carbs, protein, and fat. This diet focuses on fighting inflammation throughout the body, making it wonderful for those that want that as a priority even as they try to lose weight. 


There are two ways to follow this diet, including hand-eye (You portion using your hand and eat five times a day) and the food block method (a personalized food plan based on your height, weight, and other measurements using a special calculator). The first approach is great for beginners, and the second is great for those who are more experienced.


One consideration with this diet is that it claims to reduce inflammation and help you have more energy, but there isn’t much to support that across studies. This is still a good diet if you struggle with cravings and want to know that you can technically eat whatever is on your craving list -- in the right percentages.

 High Protein Snack Beef Jerky

To finish up…

No matter which of these diets sounds the best for you, these are sure to help you along your path to your 2023 new year resolution diet goals. It’s nice to know that these all have support groups, meal plans, and workouts, too! All you have to do now is get started and see the positive results start to shape up! Please consider Country Archer beef jerky and beef sticks - the perfect protein snack.

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