As Gourmet As Jerky Gets

At Country Archer, we make healthy food for people who care enough to get things done — and we’ve been doing it for nearly forty years. Although our jerky has been around since 1977, it’s been a bit of a hidden gem, sold mostly in roadside stands. Our current owners, Eugene and Susan Kang, discovered it on a road trip to the Grand Canyon and enjoyed it so much, they decided to track down the original owner. A butcher by trade and artisan by craft, Celestino Mirarchi was definitely a doer. In fact, he was so busy making jerky, he couldn’t devote much time to selling it. The trio became business partners and made it their mission to share the tasty secret with the rest of the world.

Today, Country Archer’s line of healthy jerky and meat snacks are sold nationwide. And although the company has grown, we’re still paying homage to Mirarchi’s decades-old tradition by making our snacks in small batches at our California facility using healthful ingredients and protein options like grass-fed beef, antibiotic-free turkey, and pork. Whether you reach for them in your pantry, backpack, desk or lunchbox, we hope Country Archer products make it easier for you to eat healthfully, while doing the things you love.

Country Archer
  • Eugene Kang


    Our fearless leader never has a problem keeping busy. Ironically, this avid outdoorsmen can be found most often in the test kitchen dreaming up new flavors, products and who knows what else. A recent convert to CrossFit, Eugene's love-hate relationship with burpees is ever evolving. Foodie, meat monger, serial entrepreneur... he wears many hats.

  • Susan Kang


    Susan hates waste whether that be food, money, or time. This translates to her hobbies. As an avid gardener, she gives high praise to her compost bin. In her eyes, why waste precious resources when they could be turned into black gold!

  • Jeremy White

    Chief Operating/Financial Officer

    This unapologetic carnivorous nerd has long sought to merge his two greatest passions: meat snacks and business optimization. His love of jerky – “freedom meats” as they're known in his house – is surpassed only by his love for financial models and lean manufacturing. When not at work, Jeremy is often a character actor for the Disney scenes his daughters recreate at home.

  • Tim Bateman

    VP of Sales

    Tim lives, breathes, and eats meat snacks. At the ripe age of 44, he’s still hitting PR's on the regular and gives his younger counterparts a run for their money at his local CrossFit. Burpees, double-unders, thrusters…he eats them for breakfast.

  • Mathew Thalakotur

    Marketing Director

    Smart, witty, and hungry. Mat is a sucker for a glass of bourbon and a medium rare cut of dry-aged ribeye. When he's not working, just kidding... Mat is always working.

  • Francis Suh

    Director of Finance

    Francis is a number crunching movie junkie, and Excel wizard. But, don't judge a book by it's cover. Francis has climbed the peaks of Patagonia while surviving the brutal elements of a near deadly summiting exhibition. He's a no nonsense outdoor activist that finds just as much pleasure snowboarding and camping as he does exploring new cities and landmarks.

  • Eva Martinez

    Human Resources Generalist

    Passionate about cooking and making the best meals for family and friends, Eva is an avid outdoors person. Along with her partner in crime her husband they love to go camping. You may see her out and about those trails far less travelled.

  • Cameron Sanchez

    Director of Sales - South West

    Half man, half me. You’ll never know that he buys all of his clothes from Costco. A master in the game of people watching and batting cages. Nothing is better than a good burger or thick pancakes. He wins at buffets. He used to think he could be a professional athlete but those hopes faded when my sisters beat him at everything. “If you feel like you are going through hell, keep going!”

  • David Brand

    Area Sales Manager - Los Angeles/Las Vegas

    Cooking is a passion weather it is indoors or on the grill. Like spending time on the ocean catching 30lb. yellowtail and taking naps in a tent in the mountains. Always willing to help a friend in need. Some people call me a “jack of all trades master of none.”

  • Eric Kim

    Accounting Manager

    HBO's the Westworld and a good workout help keep Eric's number crunching mind sane. Recently, he overcame his fear of heights ascending V5’s at his local climbing gym. The undisputed fashion guru of the office, Eric boasts a trove of limited edition collectible shoes that even Kanye West would drool over.

  • Elena Pierce

    Plant Manager

    Elena grew up in the meat snack biz, which is why she runs a tight ship here at Country Archer. She is an avid mountain biker, and when she’s not on her steel steed you can find her at the firing range shooting clays. Our very own Annie Oakley!

  • Joe Stemmer

    Field Marketing Manager

    Behind a tradeshow booth or on a sales call, Joe is a brand warrior and field marketing mastermind. He lives for early morning surf sessions at Black's Beach and Trestles, and slays opponents at Connect 4, albeit with a hoppy IPA in hand. He was once voted “Most Likely to Flash Someone”... what can we say, he's got a knack for photography!

  • Denise Sexton

    Accounting Specialist

    Denise is passionate about riding motorcycles, her appetite for adventure is only out paced by her love for horseback riding. This German transplant will find any excuse to hit the hiking trail or get outside.

  • Chris Lopez

    Customer Service Coordinator

    Chris loves a good beer. Whether it’s a Belgian, Amber, or IPA he’s got a favorite. He enjoys introspective conversation while on long hikes with friends. Fun fact: Chris has identical twin brothers… both vegan.

  • Joseph Gaite

    Marketing Coordinator

    Jack of all trades, master of none. Joseph bounces through hobbies like the year goes through seasons. Current hobby: Snowboarding

  • Alex Araiza

    Field Marketing Coordinator

    Alex is passionate about life and everything that it has to offer. He has an appetite for traveling and exploring other cultures. In his spare time Alex utilizes his creative talents playing sports, mixing beats, and new Country Archer ping pong champion.

  • Teoti Sommerhauser

    Logistics Coordinator

    Teoti is a man’s man. He’s a mover and shaker which lends to his prowess as savage on the rugby field. He holds it down in the warehouse and puts in overtime at the gym. Don’t be fooled, this gentle giant is always leading the scrum.