Calling All Grassholes

And we do mean all Grassholes because there’s a few different types. There’s the  Grassholes who are so obsessed with grass-fed jerky they buy it by the pound, or the Grassholes who know a thing or two about Omega-3s and can recite why grass-fed beef is better in their sleep. There are also the Grassholes who are all about real ingredients and know that grass-fed beats grain fed any day. And let’s not forget the Grassholes who just want the beef jerky they eat to taste really, really good. So whatever type of Grasshole you are, welcome – we’re so glad you’re here.


noun / gras-(h)ōl /

  1. Only eats 100% grass-fed beef jerky
  2. Prefers real ingredients with better quality
  3. Gives a crap about the planet
  4. Snacks with discerning taste & high standards

See What These Grassholes Have To Say

I thought this beef jerky tasted so good! But what I loved most was knowing that the beef was grass fed, which is so much better for you than what most beef jerky are made from. I was very impressed and would highly recommend this product! - Stacy from Oklahoma

I really enjoyed the grass fed beef jerky. The flavor was amazing and I really could tell that this was a quality product. - Randy from Oxnard, California

The jerky was delicious and I would definitely get it again ! I love that it is from grass-fed beef and is a satisfying, high protein snack. - Katie from Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

I love the fact that the cows are grass fed and free of hormones and antibiotics as well! Great product. - Tiffany from Columbus, Ohio

I tried the original grass fed beef jerky and it was so good! I have been back to purchase more twice. They sell this at the Walgreen right by my house. I am in love with this jerky! - Angela from Greensboro, North Carolina