5 Ways Protein Helps Your Child Develop
August 23, 2022 | Blog: The Range

5 Ways Protein Helps Your Child Develop

A happy and healthy child starts with the right kind of properly balanced diet. If you’re looking for one macronutrient to focus on, protein would be it. Your child relies on this for a lot of essential functions, and they are all related to every part of the body. When looking for a healthy child, protein for kids’ development is a true building block. Here’s what you should know.

protein for kids

The importance of protein

If you ask anyone in the world of kids’ health, you’ll hear them say much of the same thing: protein for child development is underrated in most lifestyles, and this neglect is going to have serious repercussions on a child’s long-term health.


Protein does a lot of things for the body, and that’s not an overstatement! It helps builds up tissue and grow all organs as well as main body systems. It has a role in every part of a child’s physical development as well as mental development and more. 


5 reasons for maintaining your child’s protein levels

Here are just 5 of the top reasons why protein levels are essential to keep just right in children of all ages.

child protein development benefits

Muscle growth

Whether an aspiring young athlete or a regular child playing, healthy protein snacks for kids helps promote muscle growth and health. From growth to maintenance and even replacement, muscle strength and health is directly related to protein intake.


Metabolism support

While metabolism often gets discussed in reference to older adults and the importance of keeping it as high as possible, kids need a healthy metabolism level, too. Protein enzymes and hormones regulate it and help balance the child’s metabolism.


Reliable energy

Perhaps one of the best reasons that you can consider high protein snacks for kids is that it’s going to be a fast-acting and reliable source of energy. The body is able to “hack” into protein and get calories for a fast, reliable protein that gives every child a boost. How much better does that get for a mid-day or after-school snack?


Better immunity

While teaching immunity through illness is a recommended part of child health, you also must help children create a strong immune system that can effectively fight colds and viruses, and bacteria, too. Protein supports and helps the immune system to make its best self.


Healthy cell growth

We mentioned briefly that protein for child development focuses on a little bit of everything, and cell growth and health is a good way to see that in action. Cells make up literally everything that is in us. If our cells aren’t healthy, then we can’t be healthy. Protein helps support healthy cells and generates new ones for hair, nails, organs, and more.

Choose a protein that you can trust

If you’re wondering just why you should be considering protein snacks for kids over other fruits ad vegetables or macronutrients, take a moment to remember that protein isn’t in place of any of those things. In fact, a healthy, good-quality protein like country archer beef jerky or meat sicks often goes hand in hand with those fruits and vegetables as well as a traditional meat-based diet. You can give it to your child as a meal or in the form of high protein snacks for kids.


Whatever your preference, focus on lean and properly-sourced protein so that your little one gets all of the advantages of protein from sources that make them feel at their strongest.


There’s a lot of truth behind the importance of protein for kids’ development, so focus on these 5 reasons as your starting point for planning out meals and snacks for your child. Need more? There’s a lot more where that comes from!

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