Gourmet Jerky Since 1977

Chapter One: Charlie Does Jerky

In 1977, a butcher and artisan named Celestino “Charlie” Mirarchi started making jerky. Charlie was definitely a doer. In fact, he was so busy making jerky that he couldn’t devote much time to selling it. So, his snacks remained a hidden gem—until Eugene and Susan Kang discovered it at a roadside stand on a trip to the Grand Canyon. They loved the jerky so much they decided to track down the maker. Soon, the trio went into business together—with a mission to share their meaty secret with the world.

Chapter Two: Doing Things the Right Way

Slowly but surely, more and more people found Country Archer jerky, and our snacks found their way into specialty grocers and other outlets. Fans started asking for variety, and so we channeled our passion into new recipes. And while we could have taken shortcuts, we chose to go with what we know. True to Charlie’s tradition, we still craft each batch with grass-fed beef, cage-free turkey, and quality pork.

Chapter Three: Let’s Do This

Today, we’re putting on our big-kid pants and taking our not-so-secret story nationwide. There’s still just one kitchen, although it’s quite a bit bigger now. And for doers who want to do more—and do it well—there are lots more ways to enjoy Country Archer meat snacks, and lots more places to find them. Heck, you can even order a box of bars, sticks, or jerky packs right here online. We think Charlie would be proud.

How It’s Made

Grass-fed beef and turkey raised with no antibiotics.
Lean cuts for maximum protein.
Simple, honest organic ingredients.
Extended marinating. Zero shortcuts.
Slow cooked for maximum noms.
Direct shipping to your store or face.

Meet The Team

Our fearless leader never has a problem keeping busy. Ironically, this avid outdoorsmen can be found most often in the test kitchen dreaming up new flavors, products and who knows what else. A recent convert to CrossFit, Eugene's love-hate relationship with burpees is ever evolving. Foodie, meat monger, serial entrepreneur... he wears many hats.

Eugene Kang


Susan hates waste. Whether that be food, money, or time, she cannot stand it. This translates over to her hobbies. As an avid gardener, she gives high praise to her compost bin. In her eyes, why waste precious resources when they could be turned into black gold!

Susan Kang


An unapologetically carnivorous nerd, Jeremy has long sought to merge his two greatest passions of meat snacks and business optimization. His love of jerky – “freedom meats” as they are known at his house – is surpassed only by his love of financial models and lean manufacturing. When not at work, Jeremy is often a character actor for the Disney scenes his daughters recreate at home.

Jeremy White


Tim lives, breathes, and eats meat snacks. At 40+ years of age, he’s still hitting PRs on the regular and giving his younger counterparts a run for their money at his local Cross Fit. Burpees, double-unders, thrusters…he eats them for breakfast.

Tim Bateman

VP Of Sales

Pump up song? Diplo - Welcome to the Party

After work, you can find me. . . Spending time with my family and friends, cooking or watching Movies

Favorite Country Archer product? Honey Chipotle

Dream vacation spot? Tahiti

Hobby? Traveling, cooking , playing guitar, watching all kinds of movies

Random fact? When I was younger I had a giant afro

Eric Glenn


Francis Suh

Director of Finance

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Brandon’s job is simple: “put meat on the table”. Whether it be in the boardroom or out hunting, the appetite for new business and organic proteins (aka wild animals) is his game!

Brandon Bayman

Director of Sales East - Grocery

A master in the art of people watching and hitting at the batting cages, Cameron used to think he could be a professional athlete; Those hopes faded when his sisters beat him at everything. He loves food and thinks that nothing is better than a good burger or thick pancakes. He wins at buffets. Looking at him, you’d never know that he buys all of his clothes from Costco.

Cameron Sanchez

Director of Sales - Southwest

Tom Vujovich

Director of Convenience - East

Pump up song? The Killers - Mr. Brightside

After work, you can find me. . . Either with my wife and our dogs or at any sporting event - I love dogs and sports!

Favorite Country Archer product? Mango Habanero Beef Jerky - 16oz

Dream vacation spot? Dubrovnik, Croatia

Hobby? Grilling/Cooking. Men's league soccer and basketball

Random fact? I played D1 soccer at SDSU or my wife and I have rescued/fostered over 50 dogs. You pick the more random

Ryan Ivkovich

Director of Field Marketing

Pump up song? Led Zeppelin

After work, you can find me. . . At home relaxing

Favorite Country Archer product? Crushed Red Pepper

Dream vacation spot? Carmel by the beach

Hobby? Gardening & fishing

Mike Williams

Director of Operations

Pump up song? AC/DC Highway to Hell

After work, you can find me. . . Watching Baseball

Favorite Country Archer product? Original Jerky

Dream vacation spot? Alaska

Hobby? Fishing

Random fact? I like to cook

David Brand

Area Sales Manager - Los Angeles/Las Vegas

Nikki Frisz

Brand Manager

Great shows like Westworld and going to the gym are what keep Eric sane. He overcame his fear of heights ascending V5’s at his local climbing gym. This undisputed office fashion guru boasts a treasure trove of limited-edition collectible shoes that even Kanye West would drool over.

Eric Kim

Accounting Manager

Pump up song? The Man by Aloe Blacc

After work, you can find me. . . Spending time with my daughter and wife

Favorite Country Archer product? That is like asking me to choose my favorite kid. I love them all equally but Honey Chipotle Turkey Jerky and Hatch Chile Beef Jerky a little bit more

Dream vacation spot? Spain

Hobby? Watching Michigan football and going to the park with my family

Eric Lally

Brand Manager

Pump up song? Logic – Wu-Tang Forever

After work, you can find me. . . Working on my MBA

Favorite Country Archer product? Crush Red Pepper/ Honey Chipotle

Dream vacation spot? Curacao

Hobby? Supply Chain Optimization, everything else is NSFW

Random fact? I can eat 50 chicken wings in 1 sitting

Bryan Lu

Supply Chain Manager

Elena was one of the first Country Archer employees, along with her father, and knows all the ins and outs of Country Archer. She is an avid mountain biker and when she’s not on her steel steed, you can find her at the firing range shooting clays. She is our very own Annie Oakley!

Elena Pierce

Plant Manager

Heriberto Solis

Quality Assurance Manager

Blair Turner

Field Marketing Manager - So Cal

Pump up song? Anything Lil Wayne

After work, you can find me. . . At the gym or exploring with my wife and daughter who's obsessed with Lizards

Favorite Country Archer product? Hatch Chile and Original Jerky

Dream vacation spot? Jamaica

Hobby? Singing, Playing sports (football)

Random fact? San Francisco 49ers were the first NFL team to win 5 Super bowls...and yes, that’s my squad!

Jeantel Williams

Area Sales Manager - San Diego

Eva is passionate about cooking and making the best meals for family and friends. She is an outdoor enthusiast and loves going camping with her partner-in-crime, her husband. You may see her out-and-about on trails far less traveled.

Eva Martinez

Human Resources Generalist

Pump up song? Eye of the Tiger

After work, you can find me. . . At home

Favorite Country Archer product? 12ct 3oz Mango Habanero Beef Jerk

Dream vacation spot? Costa Rica

Hobby? Writing/Recording Music

Random fact? I can play the drums, guitar, bass, and ukulele

Hyunsoo Ahn

Accounts Payable Specialist

Pump up song? The Real Slim Shady - Eminem

After work, you can find me. . . At home with my cats

Favorite Country Archer product? Mango Habanero Beef Jerky

Dream vacation spot? Greece

Hobby? Reading

Random fact? I can play five different instruments

Hannah Kinsinger

Accounts Payable Specialist

Pump up song? It's My Life - Bon Jovi

After work, you can find me. . . At the gym, or home depending on if I decide to be lazy

Favorite Country Archer product? Toss up between Honey Chipotle and Teriyaki Jerky

Dream vacation spot? Iceland to see the northern lights

Hobby? Watching/playing sports, martial arts, making String Art

Random fact? Ran into a pole and knocked myself unconscious, had to perform a solo with a huge bump on my forehead and 2 black eyes

Nicole Beaumont

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Whether it's sitting at his computer or riding his bike, Joseph is constantly thinking about the sweet thrill of backcountry snowboarding. In those rare moments he isn't dreaming of the slopes, you'll find him re-watching episodes of Community or using telekinesis to pat his dog.

Joseph Gaite

Marketing Coordinator

Chris loves a good beer. Whether it’s a Belgian, Amber, or IPA he’s got a favorite. He enjoys introspective conversation while on long hikes with friends, and is open to anything and everything. Fun fact: Chris has identical twin brothers… both vegan.

Chris Lopez

Customer Service Coordinator

Pump up song? Love country music, but this answer would have to be "We will rock you", by Queen! (I'm showing my age....)

After work, you can find me. . . At my grandson's baseball games!

Favorite Country Archer product? Crushed Red Pepper

Dream vacation spot? Ireland

Hobby? Hmmmm, probably reading...(boring, I know!)

Random fact? Well, not sure if this is news worthy, but I did marry my high school sweetheart! Been married 31 years

Jenny Turner

Assistant Buyer

Lucia Gonzalez

Packaging Supervisor

Pump up song? Hobo Johnson, Romeo and Juliet

After work, you can find me. . . Eating

Favorite Country Archer product? Honey Chipotle

Dream vacation spot? Bali, Indonesia

Hobby? Eating

Melissa Martinez

Human Resources Assistant

Pump up song? In My Feelings – Drake

After work, you can find me. . . Dance practice with my daughters

Favorite Country Archer product? Hickory Smoke Turkey Jerky

Dream vacation spot? Italy with some pizza

Hobby? Playing soccer

Random fact? I’m a HUGE sports fan!

Christina Favela

Executive Administrator