New Stick Flavors!

Stick to ingredients you know with the latest meat stick flavors from the Country Archer kitchen including Chorizo, Maple, Pineapple, and Hatch Chile.

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Beef Jerky and Jalapenos on White Background

Sweet and Smoky!

Try the latest innovation from the Country Archer kitchen: Hatch Chile. It's bursting with flavor, but won't make you break a sweat.

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Mango Habanero Jerky on White Background

Feel the burn.

Protein for muscle. Habañero to help boost metabolism. Mango because OMG. Fuel your life with real food and pure energy.

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Pork Bar, Beef Bar, and Turkey Bar

Your new
protein bar.

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Beef and Turkey Sticks

Grunt for more.

Certified Paleo meat sticks will take you back to a time when cows ate grass, turkeys roamed free, and there were no emojis.

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Beef Jerky Bundle

Collect them all!

Get a trial pack of Original Beef, Teriyaki, Hickory Smoke Turkey, and Mango Habañero jerky—and be the first on your block to say you did!

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Peppers and Cooking Equipment

Damn! I’m running out and need more!!

This is, by far, one of the best jerkies I’ve eaten. It’s also healthy! Damn it, when are you guys going back to Costco in Mission Valley, San Diego?! I’m running low on my 2 bags I purchased last time you were there! Cat Wu

Mountains with Night Skyline


This product is the BEST turkey jerky I have ever had. Perfect spices, great texture, just right. I received from a family member who was so thoughtful, he mailed me a large bag of it. Fell in love ever since. Can’t get enough of this stuff! Emily D.

Women Standing on Grassy Hill

Turkey Jerky Addiction

This is perhaps the best turkey jerky I have ever tasted. Be careful because you can eat the whole bag since it is SO good. Kathy Ball

Mortar and Pestle With Spices


I tried this Jerky at Starbucks and the original flavor was incredibly fresh and great tasting. We have also tried the Mango Habanero and the Teriyaki flavors which were also excellent. We make up our own protein packs with this Jerky and various nuts for the kids. This company also has great customer service. Kimberly T.

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