Best Food to Take with You on a Camping Trip
August 05, 2019 | Blog: The Range

Best Food to Take with You on a Camping Trip

With basically everything canceled under social distancing guidelines, we have a feeling 2020 is going to inspire a lot of camping trips. And camping sounds easy at first — until you think about all that stuff you have to pack. You know, like camping equipment, hiking gear, and most importantly, food. And when we say food, we don’t just mean a big bag of marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars (but bring those, too). We mean satisfying, good-for-you food that will keep you fueled all day long.

Camping Food Goals 

person prepping a healthy salad on a camping trip

Odds are you’re camping close-ish to home this year. For some of you, that may mean backpacking through Big Bend or hiking up Denali (in which case, lucky you), but for most of us, a casual weekend in a state park is probably more realistic. And if your car isn’t that far from your tent, you have plenty of room to stock up on the foods you want. (Yay!)

When it comes to food for a camping trip, the question you need to ask yourself is, “How extra do I want to be?” If you’re a low-key adventurer like us, the answer is probably, “Not too extra.” Because, come on, are you really going to fix paella in the middle of the woods? 

But if you’re cool with s’mores, meat, and maybe some eggs (not together, obvi), then read on.

person eating Country Archer grass fed beef jerky on a hike

Protein-Packed Snacks On the Go

The snacks you bring on a camping trip are actually really important. Think about it: It’s not always easy to cook a real meal when you’re trekking along in the heat and possibly haven’t showered in days. Without some protein-packed sustenance to get you through, that’s a recipe for epic hangriness. Go ahead and pack the marshmallows, but balance it out with some easy high-protein snacks: 

  • Nut butters (Buy them in the mini packs so they’re easy to eat and carry.)

  • Low-sugar protein bars or drinks

  • Grass-fed beef jerky (We had to go there, right? But seriously, with so many nutritional benefits, grass-fed is the only way to go when it comes to fueling adventures.)

  • Trail mix, nuts, and seeds

  • Zero sugar meat sticks

  • Dried fruits and veggies

  • Cheese

camping food ideas breakfast of bacon, eggs and pancakes

    Camping Breakfast Foods 

    Pack hearty foods that actually fill you up for the day. Whether you just make plain old eggs or you’re a bit more ambitious, this list gives you a good baseline for camping breakfast ideas. Use the eggs, meat, and potatoes for an easy and delish breakfast burrito.

    camping food ideas mushrooms cooked on foil over fire

      Camping Meal Ideas for Lunch or Dinner 

      For super-easy meal prep, cooking, and cleanup, aluminum foil is the real star of the show. You can even make foil packs of food at home, and then store them in an ice chest until it’s time for a meal. (And don’t forget to take that foil with you from the campsite when you leave!)

      camper enjoying a drink in front of the campfire

        Camping Food Tips 

        Here are a few must-dos before you head to the campsite: 

        • Make a meal plan. Yep, even while camping, do the planning ahead of time so you can enjoy your trip when the time comes.

        • Bring and drink plenty of water.

        • Pack light. No need to bring a can of tuna; opt for the lighter-weight foil packs. Divide nuts into individual servings before you leave to get rid of bulky packaging.

        • If you’re camping near your car, fill your cooler with fresh, healthy foods.

        • Bring an extra day’s worth of food. You know, just in case.

        • Plan ahead and pack cooking stoves, skillets, tools, any seasonings, and condiments you might need.

        Once you have your food plan mapped out, the real work begins: packing everything else for your camping trip. Go ahead, blaze that trail. And enjoy that s’more at the end of an evening. You deserve the sweeter things in life.

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