How To Master Work Life Balance
June 27, 2019 | Blog: The Range

How To Master Work Life Balance

Don’t you hate when people throw out the phrase “work-life balance”? (We rolled our eyes just writing the words.) Because … balance? Mmmkay. 

Work-life “balance” sounds great … until you’re lying in bed and decide to just check your work email one last time. And, look, Karen — can we call you Karen? — we know that even when you’re working out or scheduling in some bedroom time with the hubs, you’re more focused on your to-do list. (What’s hotter than a well-organized house?)

But, hold the eye rolls and the lolz. Here are a few no-b.s. tips that may actually help you make work-life balance your bitch. 

May be an image of food

Do Things for Your Future Self 

Someone once told us you should do stuff your future self will thank you for. That sounds pretty Oprah-esque. But hear us out: It takes about a minute to get your coffee pot ready the night before (Pro tip: Put it on a smart plug, and press the button on your phone to start your coffee before you get out of bed). Lay out your outfit or your kids’ clothes the night before (or make your kids lay out their clothes the night before). Meal plan like a boss. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink at night, no matter how tired you are. In the morning, your “self” will thank you. 


Kid Helping

Offload Some Stuff

You don’t have to do it all or be it all. Neither your job nor your house (nor your kids) will fall apart if you aren’t taking the reins on every little thing. Teach your kids simple chores, or how to ask their dad to pour their juice. Set expectations with your partner. Practice saying “no” at work when you’re overloaded.  



Limit Distractions

So you sit down at the end of the day and start watching Instastories … and then it’s 11 p.m., and you should have already been in bed. Or, you make the mistake of following the daily horror that is the news. It’s okay to look away. Maximize your quality time at home and at work by doing the things you value. If you want to make cookies with your kids, do that instead of checking social media. Instastories expire in 24 hours, but those memories with kids? They last a lot longer. 


Girl Boss

Fake It Till You Make It 

Maybe you’ll never make it. That’s okay, too. No one—and we mean no one—has their shit together. We’re all just showing up as humans doing the best we can … even if our best isn’t all that great. Let go of the guilt. We give you permission. You’re doing a f---ing great job! 

Now, go out into the world, you beautiful unicorn, and start “work-life balancing.” We believe in you!

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