Introducing Fuego
July 06, 2021 | Blog: The Range

Introducing Fuego

Introductions can be awkward – but not this one. We’re skipping the small talk and getting straight to the spicy stuff with the newest member of the Country Archer flavor fam: Fuego, a fiery blend of red and white pepper, chipotle chiles, and chili powder that delivers a kick for spice lovers. 

In fact, we just knew you’d hit it off so well that we made two ways to enjoy this spicy snack.

Fuego Grass-Fed Beef Jerky

You’ve never met a hot beef jerky quite like Fuego. Sure, you’ve had spicy jerky before, and maybe you’ve had grass-fed spicy jerky before… But you haven’t had the heat of red and white pepper, the kick of chili powder, the smokiness of chipotle chiles all perfectly combined with 100% grass-fed-and-finished beef for jerky so deliciously spicy that you don’t know if you’re crying tears of joy or tears of “WOW THAT’S HOT,” have you? We didn’t think so.


Fuego Footlong Beef & Pork Sticks

Tall. Bold. Fiery personality. Say hello to the Fuego Footlong Beef & Pork Stick – a healthy spicy snack with 15g of protein and an infinite amount of heat. And in case you missed it, we did say FOOTLONG. As in 12” of grass-fed beef and all-natural pork wrapped up into a grab-and-go snack that’ll actually fill you up. 

As for the flavor? Well, we can try to describe it as a lot like eating a blowtorch made with 100% grass-fed beef on the surface of Venus… but ultimately, even the best virtual introductions never let you really get to know someone, so we gotta recommend meeting in person.

Order our new Fuego Grass-fed Beef Jerky and Fuego Footlong Beef & Pork Sticks and get to know and love that Fuego spice for yourself. 

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