Country Archer Monday Motivation workout playlist
July 24, 2019 | Blog: The Range

Monday Motivation: Our Favorite Playlists for Working Out

You know what makes running, CrossFit, or weightlifting first thing on a Monday a lot less fun? Not listening to music. A good playlist — especially if it’s got good rhythm—can help get you in the zone … plus it makes running on the treadmill or doing reps way (way, way) less boring.

So here’s a few #MondayMotivation playlists. They may not make you want to work out, but get over it, pop in your AirPods, and queue up these Spotify playlists.

Chiseled Champions Playlist

Perfect for: CrossFit Workout. The only people not rolling their eyes at this playlist are probably the CrossFit crowd. Yeah, you. If you haven’t broken a sweat at your local box to the dance remix versions of “Barbie Girl” or “Like a Virgin,” who even are you?

Beast Mode Playlist

Perfect For: Weightlifting Workout. Get into the zone, whether you’re lifting 20 pounds or 200. (Well … maybe not so much the 20s.) This playlist lets you “Make Some Noise” with DJ Willie, “go bad” with Meek Mill and Drake, and “walk in the valley of the shadow of death” with Yeezy (who basically thinks he’s Jesus). Also, plenty of DJ Khalid. 

Workout Twerkout Playlist 

Perfect for: Literally Anyone. Slay in the gym, on the mat, or at the track with sick beats from Cardi B, Lil Wayne, and Black Youngsta. 

Pumped Pop Playlist

Perfect For: Running. Lace up your Nikes, pop in your headphones, and get ready for the bubblegum “pop-py” anthems of T-Swift, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, and One Direction. If you’re a guy and like this stuff, hey, that’s cool, too.  

Gold School Playlist

Perfect For: HIIT Workouts. Need more old-school hip-hop in your life? We gotcha. Go “gold school” with beats from The Notorious B.I.G., Wu-Tang Clan, and Ice Cube. 

’90s Workout Playlist 

Perfect For: Anyone Who Hearts the ’90s. Is there anything more perfect than (pre-2000s) Britney Spears, Sir-Mix-A-Lot, Salt-N-Pepa, and Will Smith? Whether you grew up in the ’90s or not, experience the era we consider perfection (and maybe break out some body glitter, too). 

Now that we’ve done all the heavy lifting — i.e., picking out your music — it’s time to get at that Monday motivation. 


Country Archer Monday Motivation workout playlist
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