Spotlight: Noah Ohlsen
October 29, 2018 | Blog: The Range

Spotlight: Noah Ohlsen

Meet Noah Ohlsen—5x Crossfit Games Athlete, dog lover, and carnivore.

We sat down to get to know the man, the myth, the legend himself and what has made him who he is today. 

Tell us a bit about how you got started with Crossfit and your wellness journey.

I kind of stumbled into CrossFit! I got interested in health and fitness my freshman year of college, but was mostly concerned with aesthetics. So when I saw a poster of a jacked dude running on the beach, advertising CrossFit, I thought, “I wanna look like that guy, let’s give this a shot!” I took my first class, got my butt kicked and the rest in history. Became more athletic than aesthetic, but a bonus is that I now look a lot like that dude I first saw on the poster! 

What's your go to pump up song?

Man, I love Khalid. While a lot of his music is slower, “Let’s Go” or “American Teen” are good feel good songs to get ya going!

"I want to be able to provide hope and a good example…"

What keeps you motivated?

The ability to inspire. Because I was once the little guy looking up to all of the Games athletes and trying to emulate them. I want to be able to provide hope and a good example, now that I’m in their shoes. 

After a good workout, we can find you…

Laying on the floor getting loved up on by my main man Max, a big sweet golden retriever.

Noah and Maximus

Cheat meal?

Ice cream, easily.

Favorite exercise?

Snatch and muscle ups. Both high skill, technical movement that are so elegant when done right.

What's your favorite Country Archer product? 

ALL OF THEM. For real. But if I had to choose, the classic or teriyaki beef. I’ve also been mixing the bars with a handful of cranberries recently and that’s such a good sweet and savory combo!

Noah Ohlsen

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