Top 10 Keto Diet Thanksgiving Sides
November 21, 2022 | Blog: The Range

Top 10 Keto Diet Thanksgiving Sides

As you prepare for the Thanksgiving season, you’re going to want to put an equal focus on enjoying a delicious feast with loved ones and still make sure that you put a proper focus on your health.  While you might not have known it before, you can enjoy low-carb Thanksgiving sides that will meet your keto diet needs and preferences and still help you enjoy every aspect of the Thanksgiving dinner!  Below, we’ve put together 10 keto diet Thanksgiving sides that’ll help you see how easily it’s done.

Delicious 10 keto diet Thanksgiving sides

There are a lot of classic options out there that just don’t offer the same feasibility as someone who wants to stay true to their keto diet.  These delicious sides will offer you the best combination of taste and low-carb focus so that you don’t have to be struggling to determine just what you can eat and what you should skip.  Take a look at what convenience and delicious keto-friendly sides are going to look like this year!

Herbed sausage stuffing

Stuffing is notoriously loaded with carbs, so it’s a no=no when following a keto diet.  This recipe is going to help you enjoy all of your favorite comfort food vibes with low carbs.  This relies on keto bread, sweet Italian sausage, and plenty of veggies along with spices to help offer up that classic stuffing flavor you want and need.  You can also make this in advance!

Keto Green bean casserole

This is going to step up your casserole game for the best reasons.  This uses fresh green beans instead of canned or frozen, and it’s going to rely on a delicious mushroom pan sauce and shallots for something unexpected and delicious!  This is pretty easy to make, so it’s a great side for those that want to follow keto diet principles without spending hours making something they can eat.

Cheesy daikon potato gratin (Keto)

This is going to be such a fun take on a potato gratin.  It’s going to look and taste like your classic potato gratin, but it’s to going to use radishes!  Perfect for when you want to try out a healthy low-carb option and still enjoy that cheesy appeal that is going to be a hit.  This is a wonderful take on something totally different that guests will be amazed by!

Spinach salad

You can never go wrong with a spinach salad, but you will want to ensure that you’re focusing on the right kind of dressing that appeals to your keto diet needs.  This is a really intriguing salad that uses candied pecans and a warm bacon dressing that is going to change your world for the better.  If you love taking salad and twisting it into something totally new, this is the way to do it!  If you want to enjoy a light bacon flavoring, you’ll find the dressing will help with that, too.

Broccoli salad

When one salad just isn’t enough, you’re going to love the broccoli salad, too!  You’ll enjoy the subtle creamy texture that you know and love, but it’s going to be low-calorie, and it’ll be zesty, silky smooth, and features a fun addition of onion and bacon with the cheese just to keep it unique and satisfying.  This will be a hit at your food table; there’s no question.

Keto Mac and cheese

There’s no such thing as choosing wrong when you go with mac and cheese as a side, right?  Exactly.  This keto-friendly recipe relies on low-carb pasta in smaller portions, with extra cheese to replace the excess pasta in classic mac and cheese recipes.  You can also add in a pork rind topping and play around with as many different cheeses as you would want!

Sweet potato casserole

For another casserole that’s going to introduce a fun little play on potatoes for those on a keto diet, this is a smooth and gently sweet base with a delicious, light sweet pean cinnamon sauce that will offer ups something totally different and creative.  When you’re looking to serve something that everyone will remember, this is a great casserole!

Cornbread, baby corn, and cheddar

Cornbread is always a huge treat when you’re looking at dressing up your Thanksgiving table with something totally classic.  This fun keto option is going to help you do that, but it keeps it low-carb and still delicious by adding in corn and cheddar cheese.  It’ll be a fun twist on the classic cornbread and is still going to be healthy and delicious for all those that want it.  You can even have this double as a dressing if you have some leftovers (though we doubt it since it’s delicious).

Loaded zucchini skins (Keto)

While zucchini skins don’t always get the best reputation since they lack their own flavor, you will find them just perfect for this recipe.  These features cheese, sour cream, and bacon.  Put onto a hollowed-out and cooked zucchini skin, they’re going to offer up a fun twist on your classic flavors that will make for a wonderful side or even as finger food if you want to.  While you may not have tried them before, you’ll find that they’ll be a permanent addition to your Thanksgiving meal plans moving forward!

Jalapeno poppers

For those that love spice and everything that it can offer for a delicious adventure, you can never go wrong with bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers!  These offer a fun twist by including salsa and cheese, and it’s going to be a tangy, zesty combination that will offer up a delicious and fun experience when you’re looking specifically for a spicy yet still original Thanksgiving side.

All of these zero-carb diet Thanksgiving slides help you to explore the fun opportunity to enjoy every side on the table and still make sure that you’re going to be sticking to your important and healthy keto diet!  All that’s left is figuring out which of these you want to make first.  We have a feeling that this component might be the hardest part since they’re all going to be delicious!

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