Top 5 Carnivore Diet Thanksgiving Desserts
November 21, 2022 | Blog: The Range

Top 5 Carnivore Diet Thanksgiving Desserts

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right kinds of desserts when you’re looking at staying true to your preference for a carnivore diet.  When it comes specifically to the last portion of the meal -- and it’s going to be most people’s favorite portion, let’s be honest -- then add some personality to it with these carnivore diet Thanksgiving desserts.  They’ll give you lots of breadth for taste and diet needs and still be classic and enjoyable enough so that everyone can enjoy something sweet on Thanksgiving!  It’ll be like a whole new world of options!

Delicious carnivore diet Thanksgiving desserts

The focus of all of these recipes that we’re about to get into is that they should be sugar-free and low-carb.  When you're going to events hosted by other people, offer to bring your own dessert (with enough to share) so that you know that you can have something delicious and sweet that won’t mess up your stomach or diet with a lot of sugar and carbs.  That’s not to say that you can’t enjoy something a little different, just this once, but you’ll want to be careful!  

Without further ado, here are some carnivore diet-friendly dessert options that will amaze everyone at your table!


Carnivore cheesecake

For those who love cheesecake and don't want to give up on the delicious flavor, there are a few options that you experience.  You’ll love the fun opportunity to play around with classic baking ingredients that still help you to focus on a wonderful light cheesecake.  If you’re trying to watch what kind of natural sugar you have, you can consider the idea of going with honey or some other kind of sweetener.  This will be used on top of your cheesecake, so you’re going to want to explore a few options in the world of honey.


Cheesecake is often loaded with fat and calories, but this is going to be a really special and unique option that will help you to enjoy it even on a carnivore diet!


Carnivore ice cream

This is great on its own, or you can enjoy it when you’re looking at the potential of using this as a pie topper.  It’s going to be a hit either way and will impress you with just how realistic it is to the real thing.  This uses eggs, heavy whipping cream, vanilla extract, and xylitol.  This one has specific cooking instructions, particularly with egg yolks and whites, but it’s going to be an easy option for a simple and timeless dessert.  Just make sure that you freeze it properly for at least an hour.


This is going to be a fun little addition to your Thanksgiving dessert table simply because no one is going to expect it from a carnivore diet focus.  Yet, it’ll be a huge hit with everyone at your table!


Carnivore donuts

Carnivore donuts are definitely going to be a huge family favorite, so be warned that you might want (or need) to make a larger batch of these.  These use raw milk, raw cream, cream cheese, and eggs.  They’re going to be a fun classic baked donut with a sweet chocolate frosting on it that is going to be something simple and still unique.  

These carnivore donuts are so popular that many that don’t even follow this diet will make them just because they’re healthier than classic options and they taste so good!


Carnivore vanilla pudding

Classic vanilla pudding is sugary and otherwise empty.  If you want to explore a fun twist on it, this carnivore vanilla pudding is the perfect option!  These use eggs and egg yolks, and just a little bit of vanilla stevia.  It’s going to be a wonderful, simple option for when you want to go elegant.  It’s also a wonderfully simple option when you are looking at something fast and really simple!


Kids will like this, too, because their particular diet preferences often include vanilla pudding.  Don’t forget a touch of whipped cream so that you can enjoy the final touch on your Thanksgiving table!


Carnivore pancakes

You probably have never heard about carnivore pancakes as a delicious final course, but when you take a little taste of these, you’re going to see just why they’re a great choice when you want a final course that is unique!  These pancakes use beef gelatin, pork rind powder, an egg, and other classic ingredients for pancakes.  

You can top it with your favorite options out there, but we do recommend going with a few simple classics like maple syrup or butter, or even whipped cream.  Just make sure that these options all feature the same focus on the carnivore diet!  


Dessert is possible!

So often, carnivore diet enthusiasts feel that they can’t enjoy classic options because of the high carb and high sugar amounts.  All of these options are going to show you just how possible it is for you to explore the wonder of dessert even if you are someone that has strict diet requirements.

It’s also really reassuring to know that all of these carnivore diet Thanksgiving desserts can be made at other times of the year so that you can always have something sweet and gentle for that final course without having to compromise your health and diet focus.  

If you find fun twists to make with these different recipes, please feel free to experiment and make your own version, too.  Sometimes that’s the best opportunity for you to explore the fun possibility of dessert that is entirely your own.  These will make you feel like a professional baker yet without the stress of complicated recipes!

When you see just what possibility is waiting for you in all of these 5 dessert options, we think the hardest part for you is going to be deciding which of these you want to try first.  If you want something that everyone can partake in, we recommend the carnivore donuts or the carnivore ice cream.  Really, though, all of these are going to be delicious and in high demand.  

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