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From humble beginnings come great things. As America’s #1 top-selling natural jerky brand, we’re proud of how far we’ve come over the years and the journey we’ve experienced along the way. From roadside stand to supermarket sensation, our focus on quality, consistency, and craftsmanship remains unwavering.

Picking up a fresh batch of roadside jerky is as American as apple pie; a truly visceral experience. It’s the spirit of adventure bagged and sold at the right place, at just the right time. In the spirit of celebrating all that makes jerky so delicious and the awesome folks that work tirelessly to make it available, we bring you America’s Top-4 Roadside Jerky Stands.

4. Jiggs Smoke House – Oklahoma


Jiggs Smokehouse was built in the early 70’s by Jiggs Botchlett as an outlet for his turkey and egg farms. In 1978 when long time owner George Klaassen purchased the business from his 2nd wife’s uncle Jiggs, it became the Jiggs Smokehouse that is known worldwide today.

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3. Gus’ Olancha Jerky – California


Gus started selling his specialty jerky in 1996 in Olancha, California, a very desolate location in the high desert and one of the last stops before you go into Death Valley National Park. Even with it’s far flung location, this famous jerky stand happens to see its fair share of travelers and celebrities throughout the year.

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2. Woody’s Smokehouse – Texas

Woody’s Smokehouse was founded by Dudley “Woody” Wood. It all began when he moved to Centerville, Texas in 1975. Woody opened an independent grocery store and processed meat for deer hunters in a smokehouse he opened next to the store. The popularity of his special recipes and techniques led him to open the first Woody’s Smokehouse on Interstate 45. A few years later, Woody opened a second store just across the highway. The smokehouse has since become famous for the flavorful meats of all types.

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1. Alien Fresh Jerky – California



Alien Fresh Jerky was founded in the year 2000 by Luis Ramallo, his wife Susana Ramallo, and his eldest son Martin Ramallo. The idea was to sell healthier snack alternatives for the road warrior. These snacks included beef jerky, nuts, trail mixes, dried fruits, stuffed olives, and honey. With head turning signage you can’t miss from the highway to fresh and tasty snacks, the Alien Fresh Jerky store has become one of the most legendary pit stops in the country.

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