Eat Like a Grasshole
June 21, 2021 | Blog: The Range

Eat Like a Grasshole

If we call you a grasshole, take it as a compliment – we promise we aren’t throwing shade at your lawn care habits. In fact, we’re Grassholes too. TOTAL Grassholes. All of our favorite people are. 

So, just what do we mean when we call you a grasshole? Well, in the official Country Archer English Dictionary we define it like this:


noun / gras-(h)ōl /

A person who:

1. Only eats 100% grass-fed beef jerky

Not in the snobby way. Just in the “I-know-what-I-like-way.” Because honestly, there are some pretty big differences between grass-fed and grain-fed beef… like the whole save-the-planet thing… and the taste thing… and the health thing. Basically, there’s a lot of reasons to be a Grasshole.

2. Prefers real ingredients with better quality

Grassholes tend to care about what goes on that grass-fed beef too. After all, adding nitrates, MSG, or artificial preservatives or flavors to 100% grass-fed beef would be kind of like adding a bumper sticker to a Ferrari. 

3. Gives a crap about the planet

You reduce, reuse, and recycle, but do you regenerate? Regenerative agriculture is getting more and more buzz thanks to its potential to improve soil quality and reduce atmospheric carbon. It’s why we partner with regenerative ag ranchers like Richards Grass-fed Beef, and it’s why Grassholes seriously nerd out over the environmental benefits of grass-fed beef

4. Snacks with discerning taste & high standards

Grassholes know you don’t have to choose between a healthy low-calorie snack and a snack that tastes freaking delicious. Country Archer’s grass-fed beef jerky is the best of both worlds: healthy, real ingredients and *chef’s kiss* level flavor and texture.

So you see, around here, being a Grasshole is a good thing. Whether you’re a health nerd Grasshole, an eco-friendly Grasshole, a foodie Grasshole, or all of the above, we’re glad you’re here. You’re our favorite kind of people, and our 100% grass-fed beef jerky and sticks are your favorite kind of snack. 

Shop Like A Grasshole, and get your next grass-fed beef jerky fix delivered directly to your face.

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