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Run by a small team dedicated to designing and crafting exceptional accessories for the home and desk, Grovemade is making Portland, OR proud by building on the city’s trailblazing legacy. Born from friendship and the spirit to create in 2009 by Joe Mansfield and Ken Tomita, they had a vision to “make cool stuff and have fun doing it” and never could have expected it would turn into what it is today. Boasting a global reach and a crew of 20 fun-loving, hard-working designers developing exceptionally well-handcrafted accessories right here in the USA, Grovemade is here to stay.


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There are traditionally two ends of the spectrum in the design world: Mass produced items made in sprawling factories by anonymous workers creating efficiency through scale and handcrafted products produced in small quantities by skilled individuals with a small audience and limited technical capabilities. Grovemade has successfully carved out a place for themselves somewhere in the middle, shipping the highest quality, handmade products worldwide, directly from their very own hands to yours.


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