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Whether grilling in the woods or cooking in the kitchen, this DIY will help make the ordinary, extraordinary. Blending Mother Nature’s beauty with a little modern magic, we’ve got a project that will bring your kitchenware to life and light up your next dinner party. Behold, the glow in the dark cutting board.


Cutting Board tools and materials

Step 1

Cut wood (or have it cut for you while purchasing) to your desired dimensions. To achieve a bespoke finish, choose a live edge cut when selecting your piece.


Image via Instructables

Image via Instructables

Step 2

Dig out the fungus rot. For a clean finish, gently push a flathead screwdriver through the natural cavities to dig out the fungus rot and then vacuum out the damaged pockets of wood.


Image via Instructables

Step 3

Sand the surface. Before applying resin, make sure you’ve smoothed the surface and removed any splinters.


Image via Instructables

Step 4

Mask the board and prep for resin. Because some of the cavities will naturally go all the way through the wood, it’s important to seal the holes on the bottom side of the board to keep the resin in place when filling.


Image via Instructables

Step 5

Prep the resin and glow powder. Pour the 2 part resin into separate paper cups. This will leave you with a half full cup of resin and a separate half full cup of catalyst. Then, pour you desired portion of glow powder into either cup (the more glow the better the effect) and mix thoroughly. Before mixing the two cups, note that when you combine the two liquids the chemical reaction will start, allowing you only about 5-7 minutes of working time before the resin sets. Once you’re ready to mix the two, combine the liquids and stir until you have a homogenous liquid. This process should take no more than 2 minutes, leaving you 5 minutes of working time before setting.


Image via Instructables

Step 6

Pour the resin into the cavities of your wood plank. While pouring, you may need to slowly add more glow or stir the cup to ensure even distribution of the glow powder when filling the cavities.


Image via Instructables

Step 7

Let the resin sit overnight. That’s it. Just wait. Once the resin has set, remove the masking tape.


Image via Instructables

Step 8

Give it the glow test! If you can’t wait to see the results, bring your board out in the sunlight for about 5-7 minutes. Then, come inside, turn out the lights and see how you did.


Image via Instructables

Step 9

Sand the board and clean up the cavities. To prep the board for the finishing touches, you’ll want to cut back the overflow resin and then sand the board to a uniform finish. This may take some time and a few passes but will ensure a polished final product.


Image via Instructables

Step 10

After sanding and polishing you can finally apply your glossy polyurethane finish. Using a foam brush, evenly spread the finish to coat your board with a nice smooth finish. Repeat this as necessary to achieve your desired gloss.


Image via Instructables

Step 11

 Enjoy! You’re now free to use your latest work of art.


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