RPM Fitness
January 16, 2018 | Blog: The Range

RPM Fitness

RPM began with a plan to reinvent one of the oldest and most proven training tools: the jump rope. After a 2008 fitness competition motivated them to scour the market for the best jump rope, they found that there had not been a significant development in the space for decades. So they set out to create the most sophisticated jump rope the world had ever seen and quickly became the preferred rope of competitors throughout the sport of CrossFit.




Their outlook is straightforward and pretty simple… championships are not won on gameday. They’re won in the weight room, on the practice field, and in the seemingly endless grind of weeks, months, and years leading up to that pivotal moment.


Tribal Jump Rope


Having the right tools and resources to help you reach your goals is essential, even if that goal is only to become the best version of yourself possible.  With a seemingly endless amount of workout routines, diets and fitness outlets in a saturated market, a company focusing on getting back to the basics is unbelievably refreshing.  All you need to do now is pick up an RPM Fitness rope and start jumping.

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