January 16, 2018 | Blog: The Range


There’s something extremely exciting about driving up a winding-canyon road well before the sun rises, sipping hot coffee, listening to tunes with your best friend while speeding towards your next adventure. It’s technically spring, but winter still lingers in Utah. Whatever the season, dawn patrol missions are always an experience worth waking up for. In case you need some inspiration to set your soul on fire, here’s a few reminders why it’s always a good idea to set your alarm at 3:30 am and set out on the trail.




With avalanche warnings checked, weather reports studied and mapped routes planned the night before, the only thing left to do is strap on the headlamps and light the way.




The hike up is always unique. Even when you’ve mastered the trail, each trip offers up a new experience and chance for a different perspective. The three-mile trek from base to the summit in this part of the Wasatch Mountain Range will take you about an hour, just enough time to shake off your sleep and wake up your soul.




If you time it right, reaching the summit just as the sun begins to light up the horizon will have have you feeling like master of the universe.


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Sitting on a mountain top in a vast landscape, watching birds fly overhead, listening to the sound of the wind blowing through the trees is the ultimate payoff. Views like these take a bit of effort, but are oh so worth it.




As the seasons change, getting to know the many moods of the mountain creates a unique connection to Mother Nature.




Getting down after all the hard work to reach the summit is the icing on the cake. As always, earning your turns is the best way.




Before you go, enjoy the ride and get a little loose. The dawn patrol isn’t all koom-bye-ahhh. Don’t forget to have some fun!



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