What is Plant-Based Jerky Made From?
August 20, 2021 | Blog: The Range

What is Plant-Based Jerky Made From?

Let’s talk about plant-based mushroom jerky – what it’s made out of, what it tastes like, and what ingredients to look out for. Because, oh hey, we make it now. Yep, we took all our years of expert jerky-making experience and used them to craft a plant-based jerky that lives up to the Country Archer standards. Let us tell you, our new plant-based jerky is a real fungi. Even our friends at The Beet. think so!

What is plant-based jerky made from?

There are actually a few plant-based jerky options out there. The most common types are:

  • Tofu/ soy

  • Seitan/ vital wheat gluten

  • Jackfruit

  • Mushrooms

When it came to picking the base for Country’ Archer’s plant-based jerky, king oyster mushrooms were the easy choice thanks to their savory flavor, meat-like texture, and nutritional benefits, such as fiber.

plant-based mushroom jerky

Why king oyster mushrooms are the perfect meat substitute

King oyster mushrooms are magic – no, not that way. Just in the “this plant-based jerky is delicious and satisfying” way. In addition to their large size, they have a more savory flavor and tougher texture than most other mushrooms. For these reasons, they were a solid option for our new plant-based jerky. 


What our plant-based jerky tastes like

King oyster mushrooms are savory and earthy but don’t have an overpowering flavor, making them a great base for our signature marinades. We make our mushroom jerky recipe in three classic jerky flavors: BBQ, Teriyaki, and Spiced Bacon. The marinade flavors will be the star of the show, while the mushrooms’ natural savory flavors will shine through just a bit. So rest assured, this jerky tastes like jerky – not like a raw mushroom.

Is plant-based jerky healthy?

The short answer: it depends. The longer answer: yeah, plant-based jerky can definitely be a healthy snack, but you’ll want to know the ingredients and your own food sensitivities to know what plant-based jerky is right for you. *Spoiler alert* we feel pretty confident in saying that Country Archer’s plant-based jerky is a solid better-for-you option. 

But before we get to that, here’s a rundown on the common plant-based jerky options, and why some might not be the best fit for everyone:

Tofu/ Soy

Soy tends to get a health halo, but it doesn’t work for everyone.  We know that soy-based jerky can be highly processed, so it wasn’t for us as we stick to real, minimally processed ingredients. 

Seitan/ Vital wheat gluten

This wheat-based protein is another common base for plant-based jerky. Obviously, it’s a no-go for anyone who has issues with gluten.


Jackfruit jerky is a healthy plant-based jerky option as it is nutrient-dense and high in fiber. It’s much higher in carbs than mushroom jerky, though, so if you’re trying to watch your carb intake, mushroom jerky might be a better fit for you.

King Oyster Mushrooms

Mushroom jerky is less processed than other popular plant-based jerky choices. (Tofu and seitan are both highly processed forms of soy and wheat). Since we always try to stick to real, minimally processed ingredients, this was a huge plus for us.  On top of that, king oyster mushrooms are linked to benefits in cholesterol levels, heart health, and immune function

Whether you’re a flexitarian or a beef-loving Grasshole, we’re pretty sure everyone will find something to love in our new mushroom jerky. Shop all our flavors now and meet your new favorite plant-based snack.

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